Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

In Christ. In Community. In Lebanon.

Sunday Worship at 10:30am


The Church is a Flock


FATHER - it's His flock
SON - The Good Shepherd
SPIRIT - rod and staff

WORD - food
FELLOWSHIP - growing in health
ORDINANCE - brokenness and healing
PRAYER - My sheep know My voice

MISSION - follow the Shepherd
LEADERSHIP - sheep/shepherd dynamic
APPLICATION - examination and vigilance

The Church is a Body


FATHER - Maker
SON - The Head
SPIRIT - Breath and Unity

WORD - instruction from the Head
FELLOWSHIP - ligaments
ORDINANCE - forgiveness
PRAYER - power

MISSION - manifesting Christ's dominion and works
LEADERSHIP - equipping individuals and guarding ligaments
APPLICATION - purpose before mission

The Church is a Bride


FATHER - arranges the marriage
SON - The Groom
SPIRIT - matchmaker, counselor, and the radiance

WORD - washing and naming
FELLOWSHIP - common pursuit of the Groom
ORDINANCE - ritual reminder of love
PRAYER - corporate intimacy

MISSION - beauty and magnetism
LEADERSHIP - wash in the water
APPLICATION - learning to receive

The Church is a Temple


FATHER - it's His house
SON - High Priest and sacrificial lamb
SPIRIT - shekinah

WORD - terms of the covenant
FELLOWSHIP - corporate assembly/worship
ORDINANCE - brazen altar
PRAYER - incense and Mercy Seat

MISSION - Solomoin's Porch (blessed to be a blessing)
LEADERSHIP - priesthood of all beleivers
APPLICATION - covenantal community

The Church is a Family


FATHER - Father, namer
SON - Firstborn, inheritance
SPIRIT - the law of the family

WORD - identity
FELLOWSHIP - members as persons; incarnational presence
ORDINANCE - the family meal
PRAYER - corporate worship

MISSION - multiply, fill the earth and have dominion
LEADERSHIP - son/father dynamic
APPLICATION - vulnerability

Sunday Worship @ 10:30am | 515 Cumberland Street - Lebanon, PA 17042 | 717.279.5683