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Creativity and beauty are central to the foundation of all things, God Himself being the source of both realities. We are called to experience God sensually—through sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. We are to taste and see that He is good (Ps. 34:8) and gaze upon His beauty (Ps. 27:4). Jesus became flesh and we are to reach out to Him with both faith and doubt (Mk. 5:25-34 and John 20:24-29), listening for His voice (Heb. 3:15), and being a sweet aroma to God in Christ (2Co. 2:15). Browse below for some of the art Cornerstone has created throughout the years.

Speaking to Cities
- Steffeny Feld

I’m struck by the heartbeat of this city.

you are truly one of a kind.

Rough around the edges, but a quiet soft soul.
Really worn.

Lebanon is tired and worn,
Deeply longing to be seen and heard and spoken to.

Will you be quiet
and listen to Lebanon?

Deep inside?
Deep in her heart?

Do you see her?
Will you speak to her?

She isn’t proud.
She accepts people as they come.
Any walk of life.
Who is she to pass judgment?
Lebanon is home to so many.

.Healing. Hebron. Mercy.

Lebanon is merciful.
With Her humble lowly broken spirit.
I hear the whispering…

Lebanon, you are lovely.

Lebanon, though you are lowly,
I call you beautiful.
I make you like a shade tree,
Refuge from the harsh, hot sun.
Rest for the soul.

You may not look worthy –
But to those who have eyes
You are a lush garden for weary travelers.

You are a place of rest

In this place,
forgotten and forsaken,

I am making all things new


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